Corporate volunteering is nothing new in Tasmania, with many organisations throughout the State encouraging their staff to give their time to not-for-profits as an opportunity to develop staff skills, build teams and bolster their reputation within their local community.

Often the volunteering offered is in the form of one day per year to the organisation’s chosen not for profit or a personally chosen organization. Lifeline Tasmania CEO, Debbie Evans, says they are fortunate to be approached often by corporates offering their staff for one day a year.

“At Lifeline, we are completely reliant on our volunteers and without them we would simply not exist. We really value corporate volunteering as part of our Volunteer Program, but we find it’s the longer-term corporate relationships that are most beneficial for all involved,” - Ms Evans

Earlier this year Lifeline Tasmania was approached by Cricket Tasmania’s Women’s Team demonstrating a desire to support Lifeline through volunteering. Ms Evans says the relationship has been a mutually beneficial one and has developed organically creating a meaningful and realistic volunteering experience.

“Our Volunteer Coordinator has been working with Cricket Tasmania’s Player Development Manager to create a relationship that not only suits our needs here at Lifeline, but also works with the players’ availability and genuine want to be involved,” Ms Evans said.

A three phase program has been developed, which commenced with all the players painting Lifeline’s Argyle Street Shop in September, which was well overdue for a ‘freshen up’. Phase two commences this month in December, with players taking turns participating in a range of activities supporting the Argyle Street Shop. During this phase players will be introduced to further volunteering opportunities throughout Lifeline Tasmania, including supporting socially isolated older Tasmanians, training to be a crisis supporter on 13 11 14 and more retail positions.

Cricketer, Emma Manix-Geeves, says she’s really looking forward to again working together with her cricket team off the field. “We have a lot of fun together at Lifeline Tasmania and a lot of us have never done volunteering before. We’ve been able to learn a lot about behind the scenes at Lifeline and it feels really good to give back to a cause we really care about and is close to our hearts,” Miss Manix-Geeves said.

Ms Evans says she is really looking forward to joining the Lifeline Tasmania Team over the summer cricket season and cheering on the Women’s Team. “It can’t all be about us taking, we are having lots of fun with this relationship and it’s valuable for our Team to also contribute to community in other ways,”.

Lifeline Tasmania has a range of volunteering opportunities throughout the Eastern Shore, to find out more about volunteering you can email [email protected]

PHOTO: Cricketer’s Emma Manix-Geeves (bun) and Meg Phillips (pony tail) preparing for Phase Two of the Volunteering Program with Lifeline Tasmania at Blundstone Arena in Bellerive.