Social isolation and loneliness play a greater role in mental health outcomes and suicidal behaviours than is currently understood and we as a community need to do more.      

With this knowledge Lifeline Tasmania developed the ‘Chats Program’ for older Tasmanians experiencing social isolation.

The Chats Program is funded by both the State and Federal Governments and focuses on those members in our community who have become isolated, lonely and without the support networks we often take for granted. 

Chats is a social support program that offers a large variety of social activities each calendar month, providing transport and opportunities to get out of the house, meet new people, share new experiences and develop friendships. 

Why Lifeline Tasmania's Chats Program?

Participants in out Chats Program enjoy access to the following benefits:

  • Ongoing participation in a wide variety of social support activities
  • Assistance with transportation to Chats activities
  • A monthly newsletter
  • The opportunity to receive a weekly social phone call.

Can I join Lifeline Tasmania's Chats Program?

You can join Chats if you are living independently and are at risk of loneliness and isolation, and:

  • Aged 65 and over (and have been assessed by MyAgedCare), or
  • Younger persons with a disability and their carers, persons aged less than 65 years and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged less than 50 years.
I think this is me.  What do I do next?

Simply contact your local Chats office for advice and assistance on the next steps.

  • Chats South - 6282 1555
  • Chats North - 6334 4430
  • Chats North West - 6424 6547

Volunteering with Chats

At Lifeline Tasmania, we have ongoing volunteering opportunities for our Chats Program Statewide. To find out more email: [email protected] or you can apply now here.

Download our fee schedule here

Download our fee procedure here