Lifeline does important work in preventing suicide and supporting those affected by suicide. The training & support team is an essential part of the mission of Lifeline.

We are raising funds to upgrade our laptops - the key piece of technology all of our trainers need. The speed of change of technology has left our small budget behind and our current laptops are struggling to connect with the facilities in modern conference centres.

Please help us catch up so we can continue to support the Tassie commuity. 

Lifeline's Program Manager - James Ryan - is riding a 24 hour mountain bike race solo. 

Please sponsor him 

- straight donation

- 20c per kilometer - approx 250km = $50

- $1 per kilometer - approx $250 (1/4 of a laptop)

or any other amount.

with gratitude and appreciation - both very good for your mental health by the way!

James Ryan