OzHelp offers a suite of training programs designed to upskill workplaces to better manage mental health and wellbeing. Programs are designed for all levels within an organisation from staff members to CEOs and can be tailored to suit organisational requirements.

Target Audience: Individual (all levels of employees)
Workshop Duration: 90 minutes
Recommended Group Size: Min. 6 – Max. 24

Overview: Workplaces have a vital role to play in providing supportive environments that promote mental health, wellbeing and resilience in its people. This 90 minute introduction to mental health and wellbeing is designed as the first step towards providing an understanding of what mental health is. Through this understanding participants undertake activities to reflect on their own mental health and wellbeing and develop an action plan to support improvements where needed.

Primary Objectives:
• To support the development of a mentally healthy workplace.
• To increase participants’ knowledge of the topic.
• To encourage exploration of participants’ own values, beliefs, expectations and attitudes.
• To increase self-awareness.
• To develop confidence through the provision of practical skills.

Learning Outcomes:
• Increased understanding of mental health and wellbeing.
• Increased understanding of the importance of creating a mentally healthy and
supportive workplace.
• The development of individual mental health and wellbeing action plans.

Key Topics:
• Duty of care
• What is mental health?
• Mental health issues vs mental illness
• Looking after our own mental health and wellbeing and seeking help if needed
• Time management and work-life balance
• Individual action plans to improve mental health and wellbeing.