How to respond to challenging interactions in the workplace.

Managing Challenging Interactions is aimed at people whose role is around call centres, collections, customer services, complaints and escalations staff, case managers, and others exposed to challenging interactions in the workplace. Also suitable for team leaders managing these teams. 

Dealing with people who are distressed, angry or otherwise challenging to manage can be one of the most difficult part of someone’s role. This can equally apply to external customers and clients, or colleagues and employees. Providing training to people likely to be exposed to challenging behaviours, to enable them to better understand what is behind the behaviour and how to safely intervene or de-escalate the situation is important for the wellbeing of those on both sides of the interaction.


Using the Lifeline ’Recognise, Respond and Refer’ framework, participants will learn:

  • Contextually what may be going on with a distressed person
  • How the brain reacts to stress
  • Communication skills to assist difficult or emotional conversation
  • What to do if callers/colleagues are at risk of suicide
  • Self-care strategies you can use during and after difficult calls

*This workshop is NOT intended to train you to be a Mental Health Professional or a Counsellor, or to provide ongoing professional support to another person.

4 hours

$290 per person (including GST)

Available: Face to face & online.

Min:12 Max:24

Currently Managing Challenging Interactions is only available by request - please complete a Training Enquiry form.

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