Delivered by the OzHelp Tasmania Program, SALT is a two-hour suicide prevention training designed to increase suicide alertness in the workplace. The training covers the signs a person may experiencing suicidal thoughts and behaviours, and how to connect them to support.

The program also acknowledges that while most people at risk of suicide signal their distress and display invitations for help, these may be overlooked due to a lack of understanding of the signs. Therefore, participants will learn to recognise when a person may have thoughts of suicide and respond in ways that will link the individual to further help.

Target Audience: Individual (all levels of employees)
Workshop Duration: 2 hours
Recommended Group Size: Min. 10 – Max. 12

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Primary Objectives

  • To increase participants’ knowledge of the topic
  • To encourage exploration of participants’ own values, beliefs, expectations and
  • To increase self-awareness
  • To provide practical tools that would enable participants’ to be alert to risks and
    warning signs, to intervene and connect someone with thoughts of suicide to appropriate

Learning Outcomes

  • Increased understanding of suicidal ideation
  • Increased ability to recognise invitations for help and understanding of why they might
    be overlooked
  • Increased ability to notice and respond to situations in which thoughts of suicide may be
  • Understanding of how to apply the S.A.L.T. steps (See, Ask, Listen, Tell/Take)
  • Understanding of how to connect a person with thoughts of suicide to appropriate
    support and further community resources.

Key Topics

  • Understanding suicide and its impact
  • Skills to identify warning signs
  • Understanding intervention
  • Know who to refer someone with thoughts of suicide to for appropriate, qualified help.