Know the Signs of Suicide

Reach out to those you think may be struggling. Key Signs to watch out for:


Bereavement and grief, job loss, relationship breakup, major disappointment, sudden change in circumstances, mental illness or disorder, physical illness or injury, social isolation.


Hopelessness, trapped, depression, anger, anxiety, moodiness, worthlessness and loneliness.


Recent discharge from a mental health facility or hospital, previous suicide attempts, talking about suicide, saying goodbye, giving away possessions, increased use of alcohol or drugs, sudden changes in behaviour (including unexpected jovial attitude).

YOU can prevent suicide


Ask directly "are you thinking about suicide?"

This shows you care and encourages them to talk

Stay & Listen

Listen closely and let them express their feelings. Stay with them or find someone else reliable to stay with them.

Get Help

Let them know that support is available and call us on 13 11 14.

Encourage them to book an appointment with their GP, psychologist or counsellor.

Get support for yourself too.

If life is in danger, call 000.

Become Suicide Aware

We provide a range of training courses aimed at equipping ordinary Tasmanians to be suicide safe.

Email us to find out more