Raise funds your own way

Lifeline Tasmania's 'Raise Funds Your Own Way' is a fun and personally rewarding way to make a difference and show your support for Lifeline. Organise your own unique fundraising event or challenge. The funds you raise will enable us to answer more calls, recruit and train more telephone volunteers, and expand our suicide prevention and postvention services. 

Essential Information to get you started

To make sure your fundraising event is a success and to ensure it meets our terms and conditions, please read the information provided in this section before registering your challenge or event.

Five steps to get you on your way...

Step 1 Decide what type of fundraising event would you like to organise. Stuck for ideas? Check out our examples and case studies of how others have raised funds for Lifeline.

Step 2 Know your responsibilities as a fundraiser for Lifeline Tasmania, the use of the Lifeline Tasmania brand (name and logo), money management and legislative requirements.

Step 3 Complete the Community Fundraising Proposal here

Once we have received your Community Fundraising Proposal we will review it and send you a letter of approval to confirm we have received your details and are happy for you to proceed.*

Step 4 Lifeline Tasmania will register your event and send you a Community Fundraising event identification number and Community Fundraising Kit so you can start organising your event.

Step 5 Within 4 weeks following your event, please forward any funds raised to Lifeline Tasmania along with your Donation Return Slip and Fundraiser Results Summary page. Please also send through any remaining donor receipt templates, receipt books or any left over marketing collateral.

If you have any questions or require further assistance please email [email protected] or phone 6282 1500

* Note: Lifeline Tasmania reserves its right to disapprove or withdraw its approval for a fundraising event at any time if it appears that there is a likelihood of the event organiser failing to adhere to any of the terms and conditions as set out in the Fundraising Proposal and Agreement form. In the event that this does occur, written notification will be provided by Lifeline Tasmania.

Community fundraising event ideas and examples

There are plenty of fun and engaging ways to raise funds to support your community. Find one that suits you or come up with your own idea!

To get you started here are some ideas and examples of how others have challenged themselves and raised funds for Lifeline.


  • Get mobile for charity – enter a fun run, walk, or bike ride event and have family, friends and colleagues sponsor you.
  • Undertake a personal challenge and be sponsored - weight loss, hair dye/shave, give up chocolate or learn a new skill.
  • Gala ball with a theme – add a donation to the price of tickets. Speak directly to clubs or hotels who may offer a reduced price for a function room or food for a charity event.
  • Trivia night – hold a trivia night and charge an entry fee.  If you hold a trivia night in a pub, restaurant, club or café, persuade the owner to donate some takings from the night.
  • Dress up day – Get together with your school mates or colleagues and sponsor the principal or boss to dress up for the day. Persuade them to match the funds raised and donate themselves!
  • Dinner and Auction – organise a dinner with friends, family and colleagues and include an auction to raise more funds, seek out local businesses who may be interested in donating goods to auction.
  • Donations in lieu of gifts – instead of Christmas, wedding or birthday gifts, why not consider asking for donations instead.
  • Girls/Boys night in – ask your friends to bring a dish, have a night in and donate what money would usually be spent on a night out.
  • Wash cars, mow lawns or other odd jobs – offer your services to friends, family and neighbours and get them to make a donation in lieu of what they would normally be charged.
  • Movie marathon – get together with friends, share your favourite movies, grab some ice cream and popcorn and donate what it would usually cost to go to the cinema.
  • Seasonal or themed fair – hold a Valentines, Easter or Christmas fair, selling crafts, cakes, cards and home made gifts.
  • Second hand clothing fashion parade and sale – get together with friends and donate clothing that isn’t wanted anymore, price the items, hold a fashion parade and sell them to the highest bidder.
  • Hold a talent quest or karaoke night – dare your friends to perform by sponsoring their talent!
  • Giant raffle – approach local businesses and encourage them to donate prizes for a raffle and ask if you can advertise the raffle in their business windows – the business gains attention for supporting a good cause and at the same time it promotes your raffle.

If these ideas don’t suit you, please contact the Lifeline Tasmania Fundraising Team via [email protected] who will be happy to provide advice and tips for turning ideas into something that works for you. We want to make your fundraising experience fun, rewarding and stress free!