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1-Day DV-aware is an interactive workshop where participants can learn how to recognise and respond to domestic and family violence and what they can do to help make a difference.


DV-alert is led by experienced trainers dedicated to reducing violence against women and their children. Our 1-Day DV-aware

workshop provides a safe space to learn, connect and be empowered to recognise and respond confidently to those in crisis.

Who should attend?

Anyone living in Australia.

Minimum age: 18-years-old.

Also suitable for organisations.

Learning outcomes
  • Know how to identify the different signs and forms of abuse that constitute domestic and family violence

  • Learn about the Cycle of Violence and the Power and Control Wheel (The Duluth Model)

  • Reflect on and share what you can do if you know someone who is experiencing domestic and family violence

  • Have an opportunity to network with other individuals

  • •Receive tools and references for domestic and family violence support and referral


1 day




In person


Minimum: 10

Maximum: 20

Training Terms & Conditions

No charge

to reschedule. Please contact us and state clearly the date of your current booking and your preferred alternate date and location.

Full course refund

if more than 2 weeks notice. (less third party fees and charges).

50% refund

 if less than 2 weeks notice.

No refund

 if less than 1 week notice.

For more information, contact:

Call the Training & Support team

Browse community education training courses

Other workshops


Domestic and Family Violence Response Training is designed to build capacity in frontline workers within universal services for whom family violence is not a core function of their role.


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Introduction to Trauma

This workshop will help you to understand the internal landscape of those affected by trauma, the common impacts on a person’s brain and body, and what this means in terms of behaviour, social skills, self-regulation and more.


1 day


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(including GST)


In person

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