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Chats volunteers

Chats volunteers have the exciting opportunity to take participants on social outings near and far. Volunteer roles within Chats include hosting activities, driving the bus to pick up and drop off activity participants and having regular social calls. Chats volunteers are essential to our program and are highly valued.

Lifeline Tasmania Chats bus

Volunteering for Chats

Chats volunteers

Michelle, a Lifeline Tasmania Chats volunteer


How long have you been volunteering for Chats?

2 years

What do you like about it?

I always wanted to choose something that keeps me out and about, but more importantlyhelping to bring some happiness and fun into people's lives, who so deserve it.

Volunteering FAQs

How much time will I be committing to if I am a volunteer?

Each volunteering role will require different commitments of time however we will work around you and your availability.

What are my rights and responsibilities as a volunteer?

All volunteers are treated equally in an environment that supports diversity and are provided with procedures and practices that support the volunteer’s way of working.

Can I volunteer if I work full time?

Most of our volunteer roles are required during business hours with occasional evening or weekend activities. Please consider this when choosing to make a commitment to a volunteering role.

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