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ACVVS is funded by the Australian Government and offers friendship and companionship to older people who are lonely or socially isolated in a residential aged care setting or have a current Home Care Package.

Lifeline Tasmania ACVVS participant and volunteer, Louisa and Marilyn, laughing over cups of tea and homemade scones in Marilyn's beautiful country styled home.

ACVVS participants

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I wouldn't be able to get out of the house often, it's nice to get out when I can.

My volunteer visitor will take out for a walk, I love being by the water. He'll push me in the wheelchair, I'm happy for him to do all the hard work while I enjoy the outing and company.



My ACVVS visitor used to regularly call with another volunteer program. When I became an ACVVS recipient he was able to visit in person. We had already built a friendship over the phone, we had never met. He was nothing like I imagined in person, he wasn’t what I expected.  Without ACVVS I would miss having a real visitor.  I have my phone, I have contact but we can talk about anything and it is lovely.  He’s so kind and so gentle, that’s what I think.

What's the difference between Chats and ACVVS?

ACVVS has a focus of isolated individuals who live in a residential aged care facility or have an assigned Home Care Package.


Chats provides support under the entry level Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) and the Tasmanian Home and Community Care Program (HACC).


Both programs however provide 1-on-1 or group support, depending on the individual.

What sort of training do volunteers have?

Our volunteers have been equipped with the knowledge required to provide appropriate companionship. Additionally, they have undergone necessary checks prior to becoming a volunteer with the program.

Why join ACVVS?

For more information, contact:



ACVVS North West

ACVVS volunteers

Louisa, a Lifeline Tasmania ACVVS volunteer.


How long have you been volunteering for ACVVS?1.5 years

What do you like about it? I have been volunteering with Lifeline's CVS program since December 2021,  which was when I met Marilyn. At the time I was new to the area so I wanted to meet new people and get involved with social activities. Volunteering seemed like a good place to start and it turned out to be a great decision. 


Making an older friend who has a wealth of wisdom and life experience is enriching on many levels. We have a number of interests in common and share some very intellectually stimulating conversations.


The other reason why I appreciate the program is because it has given me the opportunity to contribute to the community and gain some experience with mental health support, which is the field of study I am undertaking. Having this experience is an opportunity to find out if I am any good in this field and if I can see a future in it. This is easily one of the best decisions I have made so far. 

Network Member

The Network Member represents and supports ACVVS auspices within Tasmania, they are responsible for facilitating links between the department and other auspices, providing support, mentoring and information to auspice coordinators. 


The Network Member promotes awareness of ACVVS to the wider community.  They are the state contact for referrals for both ACVVS recipients and volunteers.


Lifeline Tasmania, Network Member, ACVVS Auspices within Tasmania

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