About the Group

Suicide is a time of immense crisis and the tragedy of suicide loss can create trauma – deeply affecting individuals, families and entire communities. Our Suicide Bereavement Groups can help you with support, connection, and information following the loss of someone through suicide.

Participating in the Group provides anyone who has experienced the loss of someone through suicide the opportunity to share, listen and give mutual support. Through connecting with others who have gone through a similar experience, you will come to understand and deal with your wide range of emotions. It is important to give people time and space to grieve. Members of this Group have told us that in time, the rawness of their loss began to turn into memories of happier times with their loved ones.

Our Suicide Bereavement Group is a FREE service to those affected by the death of someone through suicide.

When to start?

Some people find it helpful to talk to others soon after the death, while others may not be ready to join a group for months or years. Please contact us to discuss when might be the right time for you. It is important that you only attend when you feel comfortable.

The Group is recommended for adults and mature teenagers. If you have children please talk with us about age appropriate support services available that would benefit them most.

At our meetings

All of our Groups are facilitated by highly qualified and experienced people under the professional supervision at Lifeline Tasmania.

Our meeting times and formats vary from community to community, but we start most meetings with a discussion of a relevant topic, before inviting participants to share their personal experiences. You are not obliged to share at every meeting, only when you are ready. We enjoy ending our meetings with tea and coffee to provide you with a chance to connect.

Losing someone through suicide is hard. But you’re not alone.

It is especially important that you give yourself time and space to grieve.  There is no prescribed time for how long this process should take, but the feeling of being stuck forever in grief will begin to ease. No two people grieve or deal with loss in the exact same way, so discovering what helps and comforts you is an important part of the grieving process. Lifeline Tasmania and Albie House coordinates multiple Suicide Bereavement Groups in Tasmania.

Contact us today to find the closest group to you. Please also make contact with us at Lifeline Tasmania to ensure this is currently the right approach for you. Phone 0491 445 552 (this phone number is unable to receive text).

Email: [email protected]

A community initiative of Lifeline Tasmania and Albie House