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Your source of hope and support

A Lifeline for all Tasmanians

Our dedicated team is here to provide you with a safe and compassionate space, offering professional assistance for every challenge life may bring. You're not alone on this journey. Reach out, connect, and let's navigate through it together.

We’re here to help all Tasmanians

At Lifeline Tasmania, our strength emanates from our local community.

With a dedicated team of volunteers and staff, Lifeline Tasmania exists to prevent suicide and build resilient communities.


Funding and donations keep the lights on, but it is our people and volunteers that are the life that keeps the heart of Lifeline beating.

Two women standing next to each other with racks of on display, inside a Lifeline Tasmania op shop. The lady on the left is wearing a psychedelic patchwork blazer and is in the later years of her life. The lady on the right is in her 20s-30s in jeans and a jumper. Both women and smiling at the camera. The lady on the right has her arm around the lady on the left.
13 11 14 volunteers

Applications for 2024 are now open

Support comes in many forms

Did you know that Lifeline is there for you no matter what you are going through? You don’t have to be in crisis to reach out for help.


Perhaps you aren’t a fan of talking on the phone? We get it, and there’s an option for you. No judgement.

One of Lifeline Tasmania's ACVVS volunteers Louisa, sitting at a table having a coffee and eating homemade scones with one of our ACVVS participants Marilyn in Marilyn's beautiful english countryside styledhome.
I am feeling suicidal
I need help to support someone who is struggling
I am going through a tough time
I am looking for social support services
I need help following a suicide
I need information
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An older male and female Lifeline tasmania Chats participnts standing together on a windy but sunny day have a chat. They are stading in front of our Chats bus, and each are holding a drink in take-away coffee cups.

The Chats program offers a variety of services to Tasmanian's. These vary from group and individual social support through to allied health - social work and counselling services. There is something for everyone in the Chats program.

A young Tasmanian Lifeline volunteer sitting at her computer desk, in front of her computer. The volunteer wears glasses and her headset and is looking and smiling at the camera.
A Tasmanian Lifeline

A Tasmanian Lifeline provides free telephone support for anyone going through a tough time. Call us from 8 am–8 pm every day of the year, or book a time for us to call you back. 

A woman comforts a man with an arm around his shoulders as they sit and look out into the sunrise.
Suicide Bereavement Groups

Lifeline Tasmania, in partnership with Albie House, host monthly (excluding January) support groups for those who have been bereaved by suicide.

A Lifeline Tasmania trainer sits at a desk in a workshop room at the Bellerive Tasmanian Lifeline office, hosting a workshop class. He is looking to the participants of the workshop and thoughtfully listening as one of them asks a question.
Training & Support

Lifeline Tasmania offers workplace and community training throughout Tasmania in areas such as Mental Health First Aid, suicide prevention and domestic and family violence awareness training.

Support in the workplace

JMC Dealer Principal Kristy Stewart stands alongside two of her employees in a JMC workshop. This image of Kristy accompanies her testimonial for the Lifeline Tasmania Mental Health First Aid workshop.

After our Lifeline Mental Health First Aid Course was delivered to the JMC Management Teams, we received direct feedback from the group on how the program had given individuals additional skills on how to better manage mental health within the workplace. Overall, I think this was both the facilitator who hosted the course along with the content that was delivered.

Kristy Stewart, Dealer Principal


Trusted training used by local organisations

McConnell Dowell logo, a corporate partner of Lifeline Tasmania.
Federal Group logo, a corporate partner of Lifeline Tasmania.
Peopleworks logo, a corporate partner of Lifeline Tasmania.
JMC logo, a corporate partner of Lifeline Tasmania.
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Lifeline Tasmania - Fairbrother logo


Accidental Counsellor

​Accidental Counsellor is aimed at those who would like to be able to safely and effectively support friends, family, work colleagues and strangers who are in distress or experiencing a crisis.


3.5 hours


$195 per person

(including GST)


In person or Online


Domestic and Family Violence Response Training is designed to build capacity in frontline workers within universal services for whom family violence is not a core function of their role.


2 days


Please enquire


In person

Volunteer with us

Tasmanians from all walks of life

Lifeline's volunteers are our backbone of the organisation. We simply would not exist without them. With over 300 volunteers statewide across nearly all programs, volunteers provide the skills and support to drive our vision of a resilient Tasmania free of suicide.

Jill, a Lifeline Tasmania retail volunteer.


Program: Retail

Why volunteer? The ladies I work with are funny, caring and compassionate.


They all make it a joy to work there and I thoroughly enjoy every minute of my time.

Michelle, a Lifeline Tasmania Chats volunteer.


Program: Chats

Why volunteer? I truly love and appreciate what I do.
I always wanted to choose something that keeps me out and about, but more importantly helping to bring some happiness and fun into people's lives, who so deserve it. I truly think of Chats and its participants as an extended family.

Louisa, a Lifeline Tasmania ACVVS volunteer.


Program: ACVVS


Why volunteer? At the time I was new to the area so I wanted to meet new people and get involved with social activities. Volunteering seemed like a good place to start and it turned out to be a great decision. Making an older friend who has a
wealth of wisdom and life experience is enriching on many levels.

Ali, a Lifeline Tasmania Suicide Bereavement Group volunteer.


Program: Suicide Bereavement Group

Why volunteer?  Volunteering does not pay the bills, but as you get older, you see the
benefits of volunteering, of giving back and listening to people with a positive regard. It’s a privilege
to volunteer in this program.

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