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Suicide Conversation Skills

We understand the challenges that can surface when discussing sensitive topics, but we believe in the power of these conversations, and that it is a conversation worth having.


Suicide Conversation Skills is a three-hour suicide prevention training designed to increase suicide alertness in the workplace. The training explores those signs that a person may be experiencing suicidal thoughts and how to connect the person to support.

The course will provide you with basic skills and a structure to enable you to provide immediate support and assistance using the Lifeline ‘Recognise, Respond, Refer’ model.


The program also acknowledges that while most people at risk of suicide signal their distress and display invitations for help, these may be overlooked due to a lack of understanding of the signs. Therefore, participants will learn to recognise when a person may have thoughts of suicide and respond in ways that will link the individual to further help.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this training participants will be able to:

  • Apply the principles of Recognise, Respond, and Refer.

  • Increased understanding of suicidal ideation.

  • Increased ability to recognise invitations for help and understand why they might be overlooked.

  • Increased ability to notice and respond to situations in which thoughts of suicide may be present.

  • Understanding of how to connect a person with thoughts of suicide to appropriate support and further community resources.

Key messages
  • To increase knowledge 

  • To encourage exploration of participants’ own values, beliefs, expectations, and attitudes.

  • To increase self-awareness.

  • To provide practical tools that would enable participants to be alerted to risks and warning signs, to intervene and connect someone with thoughts of suicide to appropriate


3 hours


Please enquire


In person


Minimum: 12

Maximum: 25

Training Terms & Conditions

No charge

to reschedule. Please contact us and state clearly the date of your current booking and your preferred alternate date and location.

Full course refund

if more than 2 weeks notice. (less third party fees and charges).

50% refund

 if less than 2 weeks notice.

No refund

 if less than 1 week notice.

For more information, contact:

Call the Training & Support team

Browse community education training courses

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