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Suicide Conversation Skills

Learn to talk about suicide - safely.


Talking about suicide can feel uncomfortable, unsafe, and challenging. But it doesn't have to be. Knowing what to say, where to find help, and how to guide the conversation are skills that can be learned. This short workshop is designed to provide everyone with the language skills to talk safely about suicide.


Using Lifeline’s Recognise, Respond, and Refer framework to structure the workshop, we explore guiding a conversation from beginning to end. Starting with understanding why someone may consider suicide, preparing yourself mentally, ways to begin the conversation, right through to asking if they are considering suicide, suggesting referral pathways, and taking care of yourself once the conversation is over.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this training participants will be able to:

  • Guide conversations around suicide with more confidence.

  • Explain (understand) the reason why people may consider suicide (barriers).

  • Recognise the risks factors and signs of suicidality.

  • Use safe language.

  • Normalise conversations around suicide.

  • Ask whether someone is considering suicide.

  • Refer to appropriate support.

  • Put in place self-care practices.

The Workshop Experience

This 3-hour workshop is very practical - using active learning, group discussions, role plays, scenarios, curly and frequently asked questions, and take-home learning aids.

Warning: This workshop is not therapy or a support group and is not recommended for people recently bereaved by suicide.


3 hours


Please enquire


In person


Minimum: 12

Maximum: 25

Training Terms & Conditions

No charge

to reschedule. Please contact us and state clearly the date of your current booking and your preferred alternate date and location.

Full course refund

if more than 2 weeks notice. (less third party fees and charges).

50% refund

 if less than 2 weeks notice.

No refund

 if less than 1 week notice.

For more information, contact:

Call the Training & Support team

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